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Who Offers The Cheapest Car Insurance For College Students?

Finding cheap car insurance for college students can sometimes be challenging. Apart from being less than 25 years old, you also need to buy your personal needs. When you are still a college student, your money is just enough to pay your books and your tuition fee. Lucky enough if you save up a certain amount for Saturday night outs — and the last thing you want is to pay for your car insurance. So, it is much significant to purchase cheap car insurance. However, it is also essential to get the right coverage that could cover up all your needs. To make it simple, here we listed the best car insurance providers that could ensure college students.

Insurance Providers That Offers Cheapest Car Insurance For College Students

  • GEICO – best on providing cheap car insurance to college students

  • Allstate – Best on providing car insurance information online

  •  State Farm – Best on providing discounts to college students

  • Progressive – offers the best rate to college students.

GEICO Offers The Cheapest Car Insurance For College Students

This insurance company provides the cheapest car insurance for college students. However, premium rates always vary depending on where the college student lives. Geico is also known for offering discounts to college students who is a member of centered groups. These centered groups include sororities, fraternities, and alumni associations. Therefore, if you are one of the members of these organizations — you have a higher chance of a policy discount. Compare to other providers, GEICO is the most company that offers the cheapest auto insurance for college students.


Recently, Allstate becomes popular because of its advertising reward program. This program could give points if you are driving safely. Allstate has an application that can be installed to your mobile phones and use your location service. This application aims to tell if you are using your mobile phone while you are driving — including messaging and calling. Furthermore, it can also measure your speed and could even know if you make hard stops.

Whenever you make approximately ten trips and hardly making hard stops and overspeeding — that you can earn 200 reward points. Furthermore, if you drive your car on three consecutive days without speeding and making hard stops — you can earn another three points. The college student could redeem their points with merchandise and travel expense — such as hotel accommodation and car rental. Furthermore, you can also redeem your points with magazine subscriptions and other types of goodies, including goodies.

Rates From Different Insurance Providers
Rates From Different Insurance Providers

State Farm

State Farm also company provides high rates. However, this insurance company could offer a lot of discounts — so you can probably get cheaper rates. If the student earns good grades, he could qualify for a 20 up to 25% policy discounts. Furthermore, what’s more significant is that he can keep the discount until he ages 25 years old. Additionally, if you take a driving course before you reach the age of 21 and you have a good driving record — you can get an even more significant discount. Let us help you get your auto policy

Policyholders of State Farm who have a son or daughter who is a college student could take advantage of students away at college discounts. However, the student has to leave his car to their garage when he goes off the college —and only uses the car if they are on vacations or holidays off school.

Discounts From State Farm 

Student Away Discount

If the college student is 100 miles away from home and will not always be driving for the majority of the year — you can probably get a 15 up to 30% off your policy discounts.

Good Student Discounts

Good student discounts are a policy discount that is available for college students who ears good grades at school. In insurance providers, if the student has good grades, it is more likely that the student is a responsible driver. Therefore, his risk is lower than other drivers. So, as a result, they deserve to pay lower car insurance premium rates since they are likely to file no claims during their whole policy. Since young drivers, typically incur a high car insurance premium — due to their lack of driving experience on the road, and a higher risk of accidents, this discount could be a game-changer to get a lower premium focus and do well in college.


Progressive offers auto insurance for college students that range from an average of $1,700 a year. Furthermore, this insurance provider has a tool naming Name your price tool. This tool could allow you to enter the desired amount you want to pay, and they could give you the coverage from the price range that you enter. Progressive also offers discount programs — including multiple policy discounts and longevity discounts. This longevity discount is available to individuals who switch to Progressive after maintaining continuous policy to another carrier.

Insurance Companies That Offers The Cheapest Car Insurance For College Students
Insurance Companies That Offers The Cheapest Car Insurance For College Students

Cheap Car Insurance For College Students: Tips How To Save Money

Take Advantage Of Discounts For Students Who Will Drive Less

If the college is attending a college that is beyond 100 miles away from home, and leaves his car on their garage —the family may apply for an away-from-home-discount. If they are away from home because of going to college, they will be having a limited time behind the steering wheel — therefore, they can only drive during holidays and school breaks. As a result, the insurance company could offer you a discount that may range from 15% up to 50% of your policy premium.

Discounts For Getting A Good Grades

If the college student has a GPA of 3.0 or higher — it is something to be proud of and brags about. Besides, the student can be eligible for good grades discounts. Insurance providers typically see young drivers with good grades as responsible drivers. Therefore, they may be unlikely to file a claim due to car crashes. As a result, they have a lower risk and will be rewarded with lower premiums. However, if you acquire this discount, you will have to provide proof of your grades — such as the student’s transcript of records — every renewal of its policy or every six months, in order to qualify for this discount.

Discounts If They Have Driver’s Training

If the college student uses a newly licensed driver, who hasn’t taken a driver’s training course, it might be worthwhile to enroll in driver’s training course. The student can save a hundred bucks from its annual premium if they have finished the driving course. However, a discount may only apply if you provide a certificate to prove that you complete the entire driving course.

FAQ Of College Students Who Wants To Purchase Car Insurance Policy

Q. Can I Stay On My Parents Policy?


A. Yes, you can stay on your parent’s car insurance policy, as long as your permanent address is the same as your parent’s. If you are still a college student and still cannot pay for your own bills — typically, insurance providers allow you to stay on your parent’s policy. It is for the reason that insurance providers want assurance that your policy can be paid in time. Furthermore, if you stay on your parent’s policy, it can guarantee you a well-established driving record, and a discount for insuring multiple drivers. However, if you want to purchase your own insurance — you need to bear in mind that it’s the responsibility of the car owner to insure the vehicle. So, if you are decided to have one, you should consider transferring the title of the car to yours, if it’s on your parent’s name.

Q. Can I Bring My Car To Campus?


A. Yes, you can bring your car to your campus, but it can garner you a higher policy premium. Almost all insurance companies would rather insure a college student who is away from their home for 100 miles away — for the reason that having your car at your campus could also make your vehicle at a high risk of losses. Therefore if you leave your car at home, you can avoid paying a higher premium rate. Furthermore, if you leave your car behind, it could also reduce the risk of you getting a ticket from driving violations.

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