What Is Renters Insurance California And
What Does It Cover?

Renters Insurance California offers a variety of insurance services throughout California. Specifically, Renter’s insurance or often called “tenants insurance” is a type of insurance that is designed specifically for all renters. This insurance policy can provide some benefits as the same as the Homeowners’ insurance. However, coverage for the dwelling or building structure is one of the coverages that are excluding from this policy. Renters insurance provides coverage for the personal belongings of the renters and this policy also has liability coverage. Furthermore, this policy has coverage for additional living expenses. This can be a useful thing when the rented apartment is uninhabitable or if it is on the repairmen process. Here we will help you find the most affordable renters insurance.

Coverage Of Renters Insurance

HO4 or renter’s insurance California is a type of insurance product. That can help tenants in case of fire broke on their rented houses or apartments. Furthermore, this is advantageous insurance because landlords will not cover the tenant’s personal things if it procures damages. Here we will give you a list of coverages that you can get if you purchase Renters Insurance policy.

Personal Property

This coverage of renters insurance California can cover the personal belongings of the tenants. Including the tenant’s furniture, such as the sofa set, tables, chairs cupboards, and dressers. Other than that is the tenant’s personal belongings such as clothes, bags and other more. Renters insurance can also cover electronics such as television sets, microwaves on the kitchen and other electronics that the policyholder owns. The insurer will reimburse the policyholder for its damages within the set limit. However, only if the damages are due by named perils only.


This covers the liability or the bodily injury and property damage that the policyholder caused to other people. Another person in insurance words is what they called a “third party person”. For better illustration, consider this scenario. Suppose that Dan a tenant, invites a guest to his apartment. He throws a graduation party whereas Dan and his friends were making a loud noise in the apartment. As the night deepens Dan’s dog “Macy” fumes as the loud noise never stops to bother him. So as a consequence, Macy, the dog bit one of Dan’s friends. As Dan, the policyholder has this liability coverage on his condo insurance. All the costs for Dan’s friend’s medical expenses can be reimburse by the insurance company. Furthermore, if the family of the injured decides to sue Dan. The insurance company will also give coverage to Dan’s lawful obligation.

Additional Living

Additional living expenses also refer to as “loss of use” covers the policyholder’s expenses. If the apartment that he is renting is uninhabitable. This coverage usually amounts to 10 up to 20% of the insurance dwelling coverage limit. Coverage for additional living expenses has no limits until the house is inhabitable again. This coverage covers the policyholder’s expenses such as expenses for food, toiletries, and clothes. Furthermore, it also covers the insured’s hotel expenses should they be temporarily displaced from their place of residence.
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